Elizabeth's Writing


Here are some videos that I really like. Music is a really big part of my life and a constant source of inspiration. I find that many of my favorite videos are actually foreign  music videos (so anything not American) mostly because they seem to be more imaginative. Be warned that most of these are not in English, though I will provide subtitled versions if I can find them.
Artist: T-ara; Song: Lovey Dovey (Zombie Ver.); Language: Korean with English Subtitles; Description: Korean girl group version of "Thriller" maybe? The song lyrics don't really have anything to do with the video.
Artist: Bump of Chicken; Song: K; Language: Japanese with English Subtitles; Description: A story about a black cat who learned to love. The lyrics are important to understand the story.
Artist: King Loses Crown; Song: My Revenge; Language: English; Description: Creepy robots acting a little too much like people.
Artist: Stephanie Mabey; Song: Zombie Song; Language: English; Description: A zombie love story, because even the undead deserve romance.